Westray has successfully assisted a number of companies to bring new products to market. From flight bars weighing 40kg each to small hip implant devices weighing only a few hundred grams, Westray has assisted inventors and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Australia has always been an inventive country and Westray regularly receives enquiries as to how new products can best be made. With our knowledge of design, material selection, process selection and prototype development, Westray is well placed to assist you develop new market opportunities for your business.

In recognition of Westray’s capabilities in this area, we have been awarded a number of Forging Innovation awards from the Australian Forging Group. This industry association has recognized Westray’s combination of skills, equipment capabilities and speed in getting new products to market.

In addition to new products, Westray has also been called upon to solve problems with design and/or manufacture of existing parts.

Machined Parts

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